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Mom are there Sharks in your Tummy? or the Power of Communication

Today I have been thinking about how critical communication is. Not just any kind but effective, lucent communication.

First point in case:

We Have a Pool...

Ellery asked me today if we could put a pool in our backyard. (Of course she is ready for spring because we have had two days of warm weather in a row now, but never fear you Winter lovers, it is freezing again today.) I politely explained to Ellery a pool in our backyard would be a glorified hot tub. (Another joy of suburbia.)

But then her eyes lit up and she said, "Oh Mom, I forgot we do have a pool, it just lives at Mimi's house!"

Well that was settled easily. Just like we have a baby brother and a bike, (and a dog that lives at Grandma's :-)), we have a pool.

A second point in case:

Mom, are there Sharks in your Tummy?

In final, large and extremely uncomfortable weeks of my pregnancy Ellery and Pip were fascinated by the deformity that my stomach had become. I often told them a little baby was swimming inside just waiting to come out and play with them. One afternoon, Ellery got a very thoughtful look on her face and asked,
"Mom, are there sharks in your tummy?" How do you respond to that? Of course I started humming jaws and chasing her around...but after we cleared up there were no sharks she wanted to know about dolphins and starfish. I really didn't think I was that big to fit all those things!

A third point in case:

Did You Read This?

This afternoon I sat down at my computer to type an email. I left to make a sandwich and my husband sat down at the computer and read it. He said, "Rebecca, did you read this? Are you actually going to send this to someone? It makes zero sense."

A few words used in just the wrong way can totally change the meaning. Words without context are totally meaningless as well. I better get back to tending my new born shark pup.

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