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The Back-to-School Must Have Item: Cap Trappers!

Summer break is just days away for all the children attending the elementary school across the street from our house. They are giddy with the idea of popsicles and pools. In fact, on one of the 3 warm days we have had this entire Spring (do I sound bitter? because I am) my girls ran through the sprinklers with their friends, I think 6x in one day. One time at each of the neighbors houses in our cul-de-sac and 3x at our house. Ellery graduated from preschool. With honors of course (do they do that in preschool? probably).

She is so excited for Kindergarten in the Fall she can hardly stand it. In fact, so am I. But not because my sweet little angel is getting so big. That petrifies me. When we tease her about not going to school next year, her response is "Mom, Dad, forget it. I am going."

So why can't I wait for school to start again? I am excited and determined that Cap Trappers take the back-to-school market by storm. I think Cap Trappers will be the must-have supply for teachers and for students this fall. The teachers currently using Cap Trappers in their classroom love them. They rave about the preserved learning time and efficiency gained by their use. (I will get some pictures up soon of them being used in the classroom.)

For this back-to-school push I have to land a major retail account. Cap Trappers must be totally accessible to the masses. Internet sales are just not effective for this type of product or marketing push.

Education about the product is crucial. I believe moms and teachers will seek out stores that carry Cap Trappers, once they know what and where they are. But for those browsing the store, I believe education on the product is simple. Ideally I envision Cap Trappers in a retail store in their own kiosk. These kiosks would be complete with Cap Trappers loaded with markers for display. A clear visual will immediately educate the customer.

Big dreams in our family. Dreams of Kindergarten. Dreams of taking the back-to-school market by storm. I better get my nose to the grindstone and woo those retailers!

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