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Thoughts on Trashed Sippy Cups and Flubbed Interviews

This is me sitting at me freshly organized and semi-dusted work station. I am drinking from my brand new Sigg water bottle I have been anxiously awaiting. Yep, all aluminum. I got them for my whole family. It cost me an arm and a leg, but somethings I will pay for.

So now we are drinking our "spring water" from aluminum bottles. (Did I mention the spring water comes in a plastic bottle? At least it is a #2, semi-yucky, and not a #7 the super yucky kind.) I'm trying to eliminate those nasty bisphenols.

Thankfully a couple years ago I stopped storing my food in plastic or heating it in the micro in plastic. If I hadn't we would probably all have cancer, be infertile and obese by now.

I try to be educated. I try to learn from the things I read and from my experiences. So today was good prep for tomorrow. I had 2 photographers come and an interview, all from the local papers. Anyways the first photographer was somewhat of a disaster on my part. Somehow I was completely clammed up. I asked him one question about himself, gave a brief pitch, and then lots of awkward silence. I even failed to introduce my incredibly better half!

So after a debriefing from my husband on this slight snafu in my public relations, I bounced back and did much better for the next photographer and my interview. Now it's just all old hat. I'm sure tomorrow will be a piece of cake. No big deal. Sure.

So like these toxic sippy cups in my garbage, I can't look back at what I did in the past, the toxic chemicals my girls innocently sipped each night, the flubbed interview...I just have to keep learning and going :)

Wish me luck tomorrow.


Unknown said...

SO great to see others offering alternatives to plastic. This message is part info-bit and also a shameless plug for my store, Free Market Organics,
which was primarily started to offer people a safe place to shop where they needn't read labels or stress out. Everything has been researched and screened beyond the FDA's wildest dreams.

First off, I have read that Eden Foods and Trader Joe's no longer line their cans with BPA. While it is ofcourse better to source your food locally and fresh and freeze or can it, once in a while we like to save a little time so there are two brand options. If you would like to find a local farm or coop in your area that can offer your local organic produce check out Local Harvest:

Secondly, I care deeply about all of this stuff and have heavily researched BPA. I even called the scientist who discovered the issues with the chemical 10 years ago for advice. This is why I openned Free Market Organics: to open a one stop shop for people wanting to buy the safest goods on the market that sit closest to their skin and food.
we carry all glass food storage containers:
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Lastly, avoid any water bottle or sippy that is lined with secret ingredients. Like Sigg- is lined with Epoxy. One ingredient in epoxy is Bisphenol A. They won't tell you this but they will tell you they test for leaching BPA, but they don't test for it properly. IF they did, I'd be carrying their bottle and geting rico with everyone else.

Best wishes to you and all of your families!

Amelia Royko Maurer
Free Market Organics

Brittney said...

You left a sippy at my house the other day... I'm assuming you don't want it back?? =)