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SMC is going on the ******* ***** Show...Go Wild Sweet Peas!

What an unbelievable phone call yesterday! My little sweet pea company could be going wild and crazy with growth. ******* called (from ****) and they want me to come on their show. (All this from a humble little email I sent 4 days ago.) But the amazing part is not just that I get to go on the show, but I get to...... One ****** is basically what I get. And they say Yes, or No. Yikes!

Their crew is coming this Friday. Spending the day with me to film me in my element. I hope they like playing at the park, coloring with markers, watching Dora, and an occasional run in between me and my computer. Maybe I should tell them to come from 8pm to 6am, when the real work is happening. After they shoot out here, they fly me to *****. My first time in the *******. I am soooooo exctied. On May 29-30 I will film for the show.... Then the spot will air in the beginning of June. Soooo fast!!!

It has been a wild 12 hours. As with any television show the producers need a story. So my homework was to explain to them in a nutshell what it would mean to me if I had the biggest bumper crop of sweet peas in history.

If you are starting a company and haven't thought about this I suggest you do. A little soul searching never hurts anyone. I have always known since I got this idea at Thanksgiving it was important to me. I have felt so driven by it...known I wanted it to succeed. But why? Well that is what I have been articulating the last 7 hours. Sometimes getting out what's on the inside is a lot harder than we think.

I think I have it figured out, but I better not give away any punch lines from the show....I will tell you this much...

Remember how passionate about my minivan I am...I would love to upgrade to leather seats and 3 power doors, a true mother's dream!

This is my chance, the big break....the huge piece of luck I needed...

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Marie {Make and Takes} said...

This is Huge! Yeah! Good luck, you deserve it, your idea is awesome. I have loved hearing what people are saying in the comments for the giveaway. You go girl!