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Figuring out Facebook

I joined facebook today. I feel so young and hip. I still really know nothing about it. I feel very old and crusty and bewildered. Yes that is me being bewildered at my computer above. I think I just thought you made up a page. But I guess that is My Space. Facebook kind-of seemed boring until the emails kept pouring in all day, with people adding me as friends. That makes me sound really popular, but I'm not don't worry, it was mostly family.

So how do I use this better? If you are on facebook what are the good groups to join? How do I go about doing it? I'm going to be honest. My husband set it up for me. So I really am clueless. I don't even know how to direct you to me. Add me as a friend. Hmmm I think my account is under Savvy May? That's what it says at the top of my page. And don't ask me why my husband chose that picture. He could have at least chosen a flattering one like the one included above.

Hopefully I can relive my high school glory years. ha ha. All sarcasm aside...isn't technology amazing?

We are such a connected world. Who knows maybe I will start "twittering" soon? Then everyone will always know what I had for breakfast and how many bites my kids had to finish before they had their 3 chocolate chips for dessert.

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