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Free and Clear Messaging

Free and Clear

Tonight I went to a great, free class put on by the Small Business Development Center and Utah Valley University. (I highly recommend finding resources like this in your area if you are trying to start something.) It was free (did I already say that?) and invaluable. This class reinforced to me again, my overall ignorance of all things business. But...it also showed me, several normal people bouncing ideas off each other, led by someone who actually knows what they are doing (Susan McClain www.thewritingway.com) can make some great business sense.

The class was on messaging. Sending clear messages to your targeted audience. A theme which has definitely been on my mind lately. (If only I had taken this class one week ago. Oh well, what can you do. Better this week than next week!) In a nutshell here is what I learned. Again, I claim absolutely no expertise...I'm just a regular mom who by day juggles 2 kids in a single stroller with the other trying her hardest to annoy the ones in the stroller while I search the mall for nursing covers. (Also known as "Hooter Hiders" Why are these so hard to find?) Because Emmett and I are attached, and that won't change in ****** next week! Again, here it is, what I learned.

  1. Write down everything you can think of related to your product or business
  2. Make bullet points of everything unique to your product or business
  3. Write down your target audience
  4. Create a 10 word sentence packed with as much power as you can. You really want to grab attention and create interest. Pin point the unique aspects you bulleted.
  5. Expand with 15 more words
  6. Expand with 10 more words
As I reread that, it needs further explanation. I will ask Susan to expand. Maybe she can comment and add her brilliant expertise!

Tomorrow I will get my notes in here. And show you my before and after pitches. It will be interesting to see what the "Expert Board" has to say next week.

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