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The Organized Mom: Cap Trapper Review

On Monday we had a great review from www.organizedmom.net. Whenever I send my cap trappers away, it's like a little piece of me gets packaged up inside too. So right now I am basically chopped up and scattered all over the country. Here is a bit of what Organized Mom had to say about Cap Trappers...

I have a wonderful beautiful 2 year old daughter… who has a fun white board… who NEVER and I mean NEVER replaces the caps on her dry erase markers. She is so anti-caps that she will take all the caps off of the markers and then line the markers up for whatever reason ... The caps end up in Maddie’s special hiding place which I have yet to find ... The markers become “broken” as we say to Maddie and we end up buying new markers so she can return to her love of drawing.

The good news? We have FINALLY found a solution! It’s called a Cap Trapper TM... Maddie is even enjoying putting the marker back in! She has also been spotted parading her set of three makers all trapped in their cap trappers...

Check out the whole review on the blog www.organizedmom.net. I love this whole network of moms helping moms, women supporting women, it feels so much safer than just throwing myself out to the corporate wolves (which, btw I soon will have to do to keep growing!).