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Sleeping Through the Night

I never would have fathomed 7 years ago the power of the four words "sleeping through the night." Last night my two-month-old Emmett actually did it. Now this is unheard of for my children at this age. My girls, well, it seems like they still don't sleep through the night, but that is a whole different story. Here's what "sleeping through the night" means to me today:
  • I am finally nearing the conclusion of the "no order, no schedule" infant stage
  • The bags under my eyes look a little smaller
  • Since they are smaller I see better, which means all those little lines in my face, I began to notice after I turned 30 this year, are more obvious
  • I still didn't get a shower until 1 pm
  • I might have the stamina for a long run today
  • It seems possible to maybe get a little something done today
  • Emmett looks at me with a little smile, like he knows he gave me a gift (keep it coming kid-o!)
I think Savvy May is also finally "sleeping through the night." The last 5 months have been an exciting and exhausting adventure. There hasn't seemed to be much order or schedule. Just when I think I have things figured out this little company starts screaming for my attention. But now it seems like the two of us have a little understanding. Things are getting underway and we are moving ahead. Progress seems possible.


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