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Slings, BundleMe's and Cap Trappers? or To License or Not?

Two of my very favorite baby products are from www.jjcoleusa.com, my "urban" bundle me and my premaxx sling. I love them. At church Emmett was snuggled up close in my sling and I think half the congregation thought I had on a really big hand bag. I got away with that until the bag start squirming and making high pitched cries! I don't know how any mother of three children handles life without a baby carrier, unless by some genetic miracle she has enough arms to hold a baby, two little girl hands and a cell phone all at once! I love both of my JJCole products.

Today I visited their corporate headquarters and visited with the owner of JJCole, Jeremy for an hour. What a nice guy and a great entrepreneur. I met his father about 3 years ago in an Einsteins Bagel Cafe. I had just finished reading a classic book and one that I recommend to everyone, "How To Win Friends and Influence People." Consequently my social skills were highly tuned and we quickly connected. We found a common link, his son was an entrepreneur and my husband was. We chit-chatted and he noticed my awkwardly hanging blanket over my car seat. He told me he had the perfect product for me and a couple days later I received the stylish gray car seat blanket. (It matched my car seat perfect!) Subsequently my husband and his son (the owner of JJCole) have corresponded and shared entrepreneurial glories and woes!

Today was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy. We talked about his business and I introduced him to Cap Trappers. He loved the product. We went on to discuss business strategy. The question of the day, whittled down to License or Not?
As my business moves forward I have to start making some decisions on what I really want. Ultimately I want all marker users to have cap trappers. I feel like the need and the potential is there. They must be accessible, right next to the markers. What is the best way to make this happen, and the most satisfying. If I were to license the idea to a large craft company, there would be immediate distribution. What could take me years to do on my own. But then I lose my little "baby." I have so many extensions and cool appealing designs and variations for children, offices and scrapbookers. What would happen to those? As a mom though, do I have the time and inclination to beat the doors it would require on my own? Things to think about!


Brittney said...

I love that you wear Emmett to church! And I'm so glad you enjoy your slings. =) Matty's 23 lbs and I still like "wearing" him - makes life so much easier at times! (And I love the snuggles)

Anonymous said...

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