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White Board On-site Research

Today I went to visit some offices at the local university where cap trappers are being used. Eventually our professional edition will be sold with methods of adhering. I only want what works for people and what better way to find out then to ask! I went to get feedback and ideas for exactly what we should include in our professional package.

Their favorites were small white hooks on the side of the white board or flip chart. In a pinch, a rubber band was totally effective. For portability they also liked the small white clip. No one was particularly crazy about the suction cup. Do you have any thing you have used and would like to see marketed in the professional edition?

I took pippy (Callista my 2 1/2 year old) and she had quite a blast. In fact I got home to find 40 pictures on my camera, odd, since I only took about 10! Pip is quite the conversationalist and can break the ice in even the most awkward of situations, which is why I love to have her with me. There is nothing as disarming as a darling little girl gallantly carrying on a conversation with a 40 year old business man! She also quickly discovered the "Mr.Smelly Markers" hence, the purple nose! If I could just freeze her forever at this age I would!

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