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Blessed Chores

This is a real conversation...I promise. It was crucial I write it down to remind Ellery when she is 13.

Ellery: "Mom, do you think we could start doing some more chores?"

Me: "Huh?" Imagine me trying to get some sort of intelligible sound out while my jaw is plastered to the floor.

Ellery: "You know Mom, more jobs"

Me: "Okay..." cautiously...worried at any moment I might say the wrong thing and disillusion her or wake up from this beautiful dream "Is there a reason you would like to do more chores. I sure think it is a great idea!" said with lots of bubbly enthusiasm, of course.

Ellery: "You know, so I could earn stuff. Treats and money and stuff."

Me: Lightbulb. Treats. Money. Does everything in this world have to be about refined sugar, artificial colors and the almighty buck?... "Okay Ellery we will work something out."

Ellery: "Great Mom. Can I clean the shower now?

And so the conversation went. She didn't ask for a treat after cleaning the shower, for the record.

Thankfully 3 chocolate chips is often all it takes to constitute a fabulous treat in our house. Hopefully, the same reward will work when she is 13 too.

This conversation happened a few days ago. Unfortunately she has not been blissfully offering to do chores at spontaneous moments of the day.

Also, I tried to play the "Cinderella Game" this morning...she wasn't into it. Sigh....I guess she was bound to figure it out at some point.

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This may help her doing some dusting around the house :)