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A Day with at least 100 Slobbery Kisses

I spent the day on a date with my number one little guy Emmett. As he happily sucked on Cap Trappers, I tuned in to the Touchpoint Conference put on by Startup Princess, for women business owners. Overall, I think hanging out with Emmett, and receiving a huge number of slobbery kisses from him was the highlight. But I am very partial to my little Butterbean. Which btw he is doing the army crawl now. Which means he is growing up. Which makes me sooooo sad....

The conference was well put together, and well attended. I especially enjoyed a session on effective communication put on by Shauna Kelly-Ward. Smile and listen. Two great reminders for me. I like people who practice what they preach. She preached communication and she was a great communicator.

I also found a service I have been wanting. It is called Cherish Bound and they publish your blog in a book. I have wanted to do that, but it seemed so overwhelming. The owner assured me it was easy. I will check it out and let you know. I liked the concept she had of telling stories. I have always been a journaler.

Red Flag. It is an MLM. Yuck. I am not a proponent of direct marketing. However, I did think this was a good service, and I don't have to become a "consultant" or join anyone's "downline." Or so the owner told me. I am always weary until I check it out myself.

I had a bit of a hard time with the "touchy feely" extremely femine nature of the event. While I appreciate the feel good message, it was a bit over-the-top for me. Caveat-I have NEVER been into the whole motivational speaker thing. I don't mean to be negative. I am certain many women left having had an inspirational experience.

I participated in an elevator pitch contest. I didn't win. Of course I was disappointed. I lost to Sarah, of Sarah Jane Studios. She has an fantastic business going based on her beautiful artwork. Her work is darling and she is going to go far. Her company was much more advanced than mine. To her credit. She was able to present some impressive numbers.

When I wasn't snuggling with my little man, I did enjoy meeting so many interesting and motivated women. Some of them are extremely successful.

Starting this business has been a challenge to me on a level that brings me back to high school JV volleyball. Which is just it. JV volleyball. That was as good as I ever got. It irked me. It always has. I don't want this company to be JV volleyball.


Sarah said...

Check out http://www.blurb.com/ you can make your blog into a book very easily.

Janet said...

Good seeing you at the conference!

Cherish Bound is an MLM but you can join without selling anything.

I've done contract work with Carol and she's always been completely honest. The company is very high touch and my sense is the consultants give a lot of 1-on-1 on how to use the product.