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Pangs for the Classroom

The memories flooded back today...after being tucked neatly, quietly away for almost six years. Why I loved teaching. Why I pulled myself out of bed, responding to the harsh tones of that wretched alarm clock, why I made the 30 mile commute each day. Today it wasn't the same...but then, something about it was. It triggered the carefully folded emotions, in a flood that surprised me...but in a way I think I was ready.

I read in Ellery's kindergarten class. It was something about the way they laughed at "Morris the Moose," and his silly antics. The sparkle in their eyes...the eager way their whole bodies leaned forward...ready for more...

I never thought elementary school would delight me. My niche was in the junior high with the wacky, tactless, hormonal teenagers...but since having my own children, little ones have chiseled out a place in my heart not found before and not soon to be forgotten.

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Laurin (@LaurinEvans) said...

I loved this sweet post. I hope you have many more great moments in her class.

She looks so cute. My daughter has that skirt and will not wear it. Sigh. We are in a shorts phase.