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Business Plan and 4 trips to the Bathroom

Tonight we presented our business plan oral presentation at Westminster College. They are kicking off their competition and they wanted the winners from last year. So we came. Oh did I mention Emmett and Callista were there to participate?

What a day.

Poor little pip has been running a fever for her second day now. Her little throat hurts. The little lamb can barely put down a popsicle. She was so distraught at the thought of being left with a babysitter. On top of her fragile little state, her angelical nature was manifest in full force. I think her response to every question today was "Sure Mom, I'd love to." Enough to melt my heart several times over. So we packed pip in the minivan.

Emmett...we just can't get ourselves to leave him yet with a non-family sitter. So angel baby came along too.

Imagine myself in an auditorium trying to pitch a business to a bunch of students (this was supposed to be the shining example, the winners from last year) and some stranger is rocking Emmy's car seat and pip is bouncing up and down because she has to go potty.

During Brent's 5 minute portion, I took Callista to the bathroom 4 times.

I begged my mother to come down and help (actually I have been asking for 2 weeks)...but she was canning pickles...you know stuff, that can't wait a day, or a few hours...can you tell I am a bit bitter?

One of those days. This is a poorly written post but all I can handle tonight. Oh did I mention my washing machine was strewn across my kitchen floor for the majority of the afternoon? While the pieces are put together the transmission grease is everywhere. $417 later the washing machine works. Or so they tell me. I haven't tried it yet.


Brittney said...

You poor thing! I hope the presentation turned out okay and Callista gets feeling better soon! When things die down a bit, lets get together and catch up!

traske.melissa said...

old those are great days...i seem to be having more of them lately. i don't know what it is but hopefully we can recover soon. canning pickles? i don't know if i have ever heard of someone canning pickles!