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My New Favorite Game

I am the wicked stepmother. Callista, Lucifer the cat. Ellery, Cinderella. Get it yet?

Brent and I begged, pleaded and cajoled Ellery to help clean up the backyard this evening. To no avail. Then as I sat on the grass, poking the butterbeans rolls, Ellery asked me to be the mean stepmother. And then it dawned on me. Of course. This is perfect.

I spent the better part of 15 minutes sternly commanding Ellery in my best "wicked stepmother" voice to clean up the apples, organize the toys, pick up the leaves. With dramatic and sullen flair she trudged through her chores, intent to complete them so she could attend the ball.
"A dramatic, downtrodden Cinderella Cleans Her StepMothers Yard"

All I had to do was sit there and give orders. How many times do you think I will be able to get away with this brilliant scheming game? Please let it be fun for a very long time!

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Brittney said...

That's fabulous! I never realized before how much scheming is involved in parenting - in a good way, of course. =)