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Children are the Best Listeners (Especially when you dont think they are listening!)

My children are fantastic listeners. They hear everything. Especially when I don't think they are listening. Magnificently they tune in to things I might not want shared. My children are fantastic talkers too. Can you see where this is leading?

To set the stage...

Yesterday my brother and his wife finally added a baby to their family.
After years of struggling with infertility, invitro and the emotional battles and wounds associated with this journey, baby Daegen joined their family through the miracle of adoption. Daegen's brave birth mother acted as a vessel to bring this sweet spirit to my brother and his wife.
(Isn't he adorable in his "sunglasses"!)

The Lord's ways are not our ways. Through a series of miracles and revelations, everyone involved knew this childs destiny.

...this being said...

Yesterday I piled my 3 kiddos into the car and drove to the hospital to be the first one in my family to hold and love, baby Daegan, and his parents! We had an adventure at the mall, including a Santa visit (Callista was petrified...this is still perplexing to me, it seems so out of character, but every year it has been traumatic), a mall playground,
and scouring the baby stores for just the right outfit. It was during the latter activity I discovered what a good listener Ellery is.

We found an adorable little monkey outfit in Gymboree, with matching socks. At the checkout, I asked if they were on sale, finding they weren't I decided to pass on the socks. Hours later at the hospital as Ellery excitedly opened Daegan's present for her aunt and uncle, she piped up with,

"There were the cutest monkey socks, but Mommy wouldn't buy them because they weren't on sale."

Oh bless you Ellery!

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Brittney said...

How exciting for them!! What a wonderful Christmas gift! =)