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The Perfect Neighbor Christmas Gift: Simmering Potpourri

We all have one. A perfect neighbor. Great hair, perfect house, ultra tidy yard (and garage), friendly but not nosy, best clothes...you get the idea. Our token perfect one, brought over the best "neighbor Christmas gift" I have had in a while. Simple. Inexpensive. Non-trinket. Non-edible.
Simmering Potpourri
Cut lemon and orange into slices and place in saucepan.
Cover with water and top with bay leaves,
cinnamon stick and allspice.

Simmer on low heat, adding water as needed.

You can't see from the picture but in the bag she included everything. A large cinnamon stick, 3-5 bay leaves, and about 1 t allspice (unground, in little balls). All I had to do was dump it in the pot, cover with water and enjoy. The attached tag read as per above. I think these would be perfect in a linen sack too.

Delicious. Perfect. Obviously I can't steal this idea for a couple years. But you certainly can! Any fantastic ideas for me?


HanksFam said...

I think I just might use this one. Thanks Rebecca! One we got about a week ago that I thought was cute: a few cute Christmas bags and tags tied together with a ribbon (the ones you use for gifts). The card said "We're bagging the Christmas treats this year and tagging you with Christmas cheer."

Rebecca said...

Cute idea. I enjoyed my potpourri all day today!