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Evidence of the Errant Snowball...and a husband who needs to improve his aim.

Brent: Callista, why didn't you move out of the way of the snowball?
Callista: I was trying to eat it Dada.
What else can I say. The pictures say it all.I might mention there was a mirror right next to her to which she kept looking into and howling anew. There is a slim chance it enhanced the drama of the situation. Thankfully we have bandaids. I have only encountered a few injuries where bandaids don't soothe the little lambs.


HanksFam said...

When I read the title of the post, I thought maybe Brent had broken a window. When I saw the picture of your little Callista, I thought "Oh no, poor little girl." I hope she's doing better.

Stefani said...

Poor baby! Hope she is okay now.