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Make Your own Maple Candied Nuts: No Refined Sugar

Some salads are so delicious they beg to be recreated. Recreated often. For me that means a full dinner multiple times a week. This Pomegranate and Blue Cheese Salad is one of those. Covered in candied pecans, however, this recipe needed a little healthy love to eliminate the high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar and preservatives. I decided to make my own candied nuts. Simple and delicious.
Take note of the yummy simmering potpourri on my stove. The fragrance enticed us all day long today. I repeat. Great idea. I went to another neighbor and she had hers going as well!

Maple Candied Pecans

2 cups raw pecans

1/4-1/2 c pure maple syrup

Blend pecans for a few seconds in a blender or food processor.

Pour into a cast iron frying pan. Cover with pure maple syrup.

Toast over med/high heat. Stirring occasionally so they don't burn.

This salad probably has an official name but I don't know it. It is so pretty and delicious. Since berries are out of season and pomegranates are in, it is perfect.

Pomegranate Holiday Salad
Mixed Greens


Crumbled Blue Cheese

Candied Pecans

Sliced Pears

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Toss all ingredients.

The blue cheese, vinegar, and tart pomegranate balance the sweet maple candied pecans and pears perfectly. I just add balsamic vinegar plain and I love it.

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Warm n Wonderful said...

Thanks so much. I was looking for info on how to candy nuts. I guess this would work for any nuts. The salad looks great, I will have to try this one out.