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First Snowfall

Finally Snow! The girls waited all day Saturday for the first flakes to fall. It was a disappointment. As a few flakes blustered around in circles outside, the children twirled in a frenzy just inside. But despite their witchery no accumulation. What would you know this morning we awoke to snow!

The first fallen snow is always my favorite. In fact, at 5:35 am, gazing at the winter wonderland, I had the following text conversation with my running mate:

Me: What do you think
M: It might be pretty slippery...You wanna brave it?
Me: Ok
M: Do you know how cold it is...
Me: Nope
M: I think its just us...You wanna try going later?
Me: When were you thinking?
M: I don't know...I just looked outside and it looks yucky :)
Me: Be brave lets just try
M: Ok...see you in a bit

I have to admit, part of my enthusiasm stemmed from the shear desire to use my brand new running jacket. I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to exercise gear. And the most amazing place to buy: TJ Maxx. I can't keep Brent away. He discovered the store and calls it his "secret." It is quite cute he seems to be constantly showing up with track suits for Emmett and sweatshirts for the rest of girls.

My jacket was awesome. Despite the frosted eyelashes, the run was great. I loved coming into my cul de sac at 7 am and seeing all my neighbors out shoveling in the quiet streetlight...

...Back to the children...and the biggest "Kid" he finally has a child old enough to snowboard. The gear has just been waiting for her body and guts to catch up! Both, at long last have.

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