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12 Hours and the Opening of 5 Cans of Worms

Sometimes knowledge can almost feel like a curse. Curse is probably not the right word, instead a burden. Burden might not be precisely right either. Daunting. Responsibility. Action. I guess knowledge can bring a slue of emotions.

Saturday I attended a 12 hour class at Agi's Raw Foods. Agi is famous for her marvelous flax crackers found at Whole Foods and health food stores nationwide. Her bag of tricks is full of flavorful raw food recipes.

Wondering about those worm cans...

Raw Foods...this one I peep open every so often, but this really opened it wide! The almond milk I made this week has been our new best friend.

Wheatgrass...I am just dying to get my house covered in wheatgrass and with my children taking shots every morning, but since my thumb is anything but green...this should be an adventure.

Dairy...did I really want to know how horrid this was....sigh...

Cleansing...I wonder how many days I could live on apple juice? How many pounds of disgusting slime are in my colon? And more importantly Brent's (colon cancer is a beast I don't want my husband to face).

Herbal Medicine...why did I try to kill all the dandelions in my yard? Cant I find some use for the clover so voraciously beating out my grass? Joking aside, this was absolutely fascinating to me. Botany 101 and 105 came flooding back. My moldy leaf collection. I can still smell it. I am prepared to learn.

Curse...didn't I already have enough going on in my life? Thankfully I don't even really attempt to leave my house after 8 am.

Burden...there are so many worms in these cans, I see them slithering everywhere in my pantry and I really think I felt some in me. Additionally there is sifting which needs to be done. More research to take those parts with fit with my family, religion, values, and resources.

Daunting...I think I ordered over 200 herbal identification cards. Can I really get something to grow. Maybe as long as it isn't a raspberry, bean, strawberry, squash, cucumber, tomato or brocolli. My garden is really struggling this year...sigh...

Responsibility...now that I know a little, I better start to learn alot.

Action...what good is knowledge without action. It is great to know there are herbs that will bring down my little childs fever, but if that herb is not available, and I am clueless in how to prepare and apply, it is of naught.

Be prepared for some crazy adventures ahead!

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Brittney said...

Wow, adventures indeed! I wish I took more action on certain things. You're way ahead of me in so many areas already... I'm curious to hear how things go, especially w/ the raw foods and herbal medicines. I've considered the dairy issue quite a bit, but it's hard coming from a family of dairy farmers!