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Switching to State Farm

You may remember my post awhile back after I was aghast about rate hikes at All State. My agent was able to save me a lot of money by reworking my policies. Except...now I really have the best agent and company.

David Misiego (801) 373-7193 and State Farm.

Not only did he allow us to save hundreds of dollars he also provided us with better policies. We switched both our cars and homeowners insurance. Our home is actually covered for 20% above what it was, and we finally have Earthquake insurance(something I have been wanting for about 3 years).

Since I am basically home bound with my 3 little ones (kids, not chicks) he even came over to my house to do everything. Where do you get that kind of service anymore?

David does his research is honest and just plain nice to work with. I have known him for over 6 years. He married one of my best and oldest friends Britney.

My advice...call him up and at least let him give you a quote. This is not a paid advertisement :) just a shameless plug for great service and rates.


Jessica said...

Okay, I am sooo excited! This is my favorite post yet...I can't wait to follow along. I feel like I am starting a new adventure too!

Brittney said...

Becca, you are too nice! Thanks for the plug. :) David does love being an agent. I'm glad he was able to help you out!