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A Little House on the Prairie Moment

I could just hear the music in my head as I watched Ellery, Callista and Elizabeth race across the fields from Grandma's to Charlotte's. My sister just moved down the hill from my mom into an amazing family house on 4 acres. A collapsed housing market does have its upsides.

The girls running down to Charlotte's, her house is right past the line of trees.

After spending the weekend on 10 acres at the Full Circle Ranch...Brent looked at me last night as we sat on the deck in our backyard and said "It's almost as if we are in a little cage...our own little brooder, and like the chicks, trying desperately to get out." We had a chuckle together on our "Two Tenths of a Circle Ranch."

The idyllic scene depicted above was soon interrupted by 2 large bounding dogs charging full speed ahead out of the neighbors house. This is Callista panicking and trying to wade through the weeds to safety. They are friendly dogs but it certainly makes my heart plummet. Being the victim of a dog attack, you are never quite the same.

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Linda said...

It was so fun to see you at Char's- and we think you really need to buy that other farm!! Then they can change the name of the town to Millerville!
p.s. Love the plug for David! =) Thanks!