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3 Happy Healthy Chicks Hooray!

Nervous wreck. Like a new mom. The aforementioned describe my anxious anticipation for the safe arrival of my little chicks. I brought my phone on my run, perchance the post office might call while I was gone. I walked in the door. My phone ran. "We have peeping package with your name on it!"

The girls were just rolling out of bed. We piled into the car, as we were to get our chicks. I really wanted to ride a bike with a basket...but I refrained.

Ellery and Callista could hardly contain themselves as we waited for our little package.
Apparently, it is quite common for even our little suburban post office to get chicks in the mail.
Who knew?
Pips delight is evident in holding this chirping, wriggling box as we drove home.

I drew a huge breath of relief as we opened the box to 3 noisy, little darlings.

Naomi, Anna (slight name change) and Miriam

I wish I could have captured the delight. But alas, I am not very adept at photography. Emmett was beside himself. We put the chickies in their brooder and helped them find their food and water.
They have been happily pecking ever since. In fact, they were so cute scratching all around I went to IFA and bought some pine shavings to put in the bottom of the brooder for them.

More pics to follow!

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Brittney said...

How fun!! They are so cute, and I love the names. I'm excited to hear how things go!