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Nightstand Graffiti

The other night I was laying in bed reading and glanced over at my nightstand. I had a head jerk, double take as this shocking little piece of graffiti met my eyes.

I admit it is a bit embarrassing. I have no idea why my children have chosen to use my nightstand as an art palette. It started with a little scribble. And before I knew it looked over to this....
At first glance, I thought, has Brent drawn some kinky little picture for me? But no. This was Ellery's work. And I do believe those are intended to be "puffy sleeves."

I got quite a belly laugh out of this. I even called Brent on my cell phone to come have a look. (Wow, is that lazy or what? Admit...you've done it before.)

But on another note...I really need to do something about my bedroom furniture. This nightstand is courtesy of Great Grandma. I started sanding it down once and never finished. So it seems to have turned into a sponge for all things placed upon it.

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Jo Lynn said...

I'm impressed with your reaction, I think most mothers would have been quite upset, but you took the time to see the pretty pictures. :) Love the puffy sleeves!! ha ha