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A Safe Garden Hose

I don't know where I've been, but I just discovered that you don't drink out of garden hoses because they leach lead into your water. Regular hoses contain lead in the recycled plastic they are manufactured from and in the brass fittings. So that is the funny taste. Huh. My husband enlightened me, when he brought this home. 25 ft of lead free garden hose. This one was only $10 at Walmart. It is made out of medical grade plastic with nickel plating. Drink with pleasure tomatoes and little munchkins.


EmJay said...

No wonder I've always felt a little brain dead. I drank out of our hose all of the time. I hadn't heard that it was the hose that made it unsafe. I always thought it had to do with the irrigation water vs tap water. Thanks for the tip!

Rebecca said...

To ease your mind a bit, I did learn it is really most dangerous after the water has been sitting in the hose. So at least never let your kids drink or use that very first water. After that the effects are minimal. That does explain a lot about you though...:)