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Sippin' Smoothie Through a Straw

I just love this picture. The little goo bear will put down anything with a passion!

A couple months ago I purchased a new blender. It has made all the difference in our green smoothies and nut milks. I love it. I already have 315 blends on it, according to the counter. Clearly it is getting used!

Brent is our master smoothies maker. It is wonderful. I wake up about 5:20 to workout. By the time I get home around 7 am the kids are up, dressed, and well nourished with an amazing, inventive fruit and vegetable concoction. What are great hubby!


Jo Lynn said...

What a sweet husband you have!

EmJay said...

Is he available for rent? J/K, mine does a pretty good job - but they definitely aren't dressed and breakfast is far from being started :)