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Princesses on Ice

This is one of those occasions being parents to little girls is all about. Here we are all ready to go. Ellery was feeling very grown up in a brand new fluorescent shirt and yes tennis shoes! She picked out some glittery black ones. Callista was thrilled to dress up as Belle.
We were so close (second row) we could literally reach out and touch them.
The show kept both Ellery and Callista mesmerized.
She kept wondering if they were really singing, were they the same princesses she saw at disneyland...
Cinderella was our fan favorite. The production was excellent. The skating great, the costumes and scenery fantastic. A new tradition, I hope. And we will stick with the VIP seating.

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Jo Lynn said...

My good friend just took her girls to that out here in Cali and I so can't wait to take Savannah..I think she might need to get a little older first. Love the Belle costume and love the new tennis shoes..how excited!