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Precious Moments

Callista: Mom does Rapunzel go to church on Sundays?
* * *
Ellery: Mom can Jesus fly?
Me: Well, He isn't bound by the same laws that we are on earth. He controls everything.
Ellery: I bet he could change my fan so easy...pointing to the ceiling fan in her room
* * *
Emmett: Mmm...nuzzling his very special Alpaca fur bear he wont part with
Emmett: Begins to pet Alpaca bear. More feverishly now. His fat finger wedges into a hole. He rips out the fur and stuffing...EHHHH! In terror he throws down his bear and points his fat little finger at it, scared it will come to pieces at any minute.
Me: Sew up the holes again. Grateful Mimi has offered another authentic Alpaca fur bear for christmas. The hide on little Goo mans is just getting too brittle.


Jo Lynn said...

Way cute pictures and funny story with his cute little bear. It's amazing what they get attached to. Savannah has three different blankies so I can wash one while she has the other. :)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my gratitude post, made my day!

Anonymous said...

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