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2009 in Review

Here were my New Years Resolutions from 2009...

March 21: Moab 1/2 Marathon...Goal: 1:30. Run fast. Run hard. Pray for good weather.
April 20: Boston Marathon...Goal: Complete with a smile, and enjoy a fabulous vacation.

July: Spudman Triathlon...Goal: Conquer my fear of Open Water and achieve a PR.

Live my Religion More Fully by following The Word of Wisdom.
This is a three-fold mission...eat meat sparingly, use the grains/crops of the field as our staff of life, use herbs more effectively.

So how did I do?

Moab 1/2 marathon I did in 1:35 which was a PR on the hardest 1/2 course I have done. This was a great accomplishment. 1:30 was a very aggressive goal. I still think I can make this pace but on a different course.

Boston...well we all know this sad story. I didn't sign up in time. So we ended up with a great vacation but no marathon. I ran the Ogden marathon instead and came out with a 4 minute PR at 3:27.

Spudman was mission accomplished. With a serious dedicated effort I conquered my open water fear. I also came out with an amazing time and smashed my personal record. This one will be hard to beat.

Eat meat sparingly...yep. Definitely.

Grains and plants...lots of them everyday.

Herbs, I haven't made as much progress on this as I hoped. Mostly all my medicinal herbs were eaten by my chickens. And I am not any better at identifying than I was a year ago. Maybe a little. This one I better work on.

It was a year of growth and change. I believe in all the right directions. We read books like crazy. Brent and I. The children and I. We started a homeschooling adventure, a backyard poultry experiment, a new baby on the way, Emmett finally has some boy toys...it was a good year.

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