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Christmas Trees...The Real Smell of Fir

I am proud to say we still have yet to succumb to a fake Christmas Tree. Nothing beats the smell of fresh pine, and the vibrant reminder of life, and spring yet to come.
We don't tromp through the woods, but at least this year we didn't go to Rite Aid (which we did for 2 years in a row, how embarrassing).

The children decorated the tree all by themselves. I love how Ellery scavanged ribbons from all over the house for adornment.
It turned out quite beautiful.

I couldn't resist posting this picture. I am a total failure of a mother in getting my children to keep their fingers out of their noses. We have been battling this gross little habit forever. I'm at a loss. If she is still picking when she is old enough to peruse the blog, maybe the public humiliation will finally foment her habit!


Za said...

something extra for the pretty tree:)

josh.sandra.ava.davis.ella said...

hey becca - i love your family! i love your blog! you are so inspiring, it's insane!

i sent you an email on your hotmail account - do you ever check that anymore? i think i need a new address for you! email me on gmail - joshandsandraturley

Christy said...

This is priceless. And it is exactly how I feel with my own kids. I am praying it stops soon, but I have low expectations. Let me know if you ever come up with a "cure".

Jo Lynn said...

Beautiful Christmas tree and I'm so so glad you have not succumb to the fake tree nad I hope you're like eighty when you do get one. ha ha. Last year we went and cut our's down, but this year we just went down the street to a place to get them...not as exciting. It's still real and smells oh so good. Love the nose picture, I think all parents go through that. :)