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First, Finally and Last

Callista gave her First talk on Sunday in primary. She Finally, made it through. Her talk was on the Last Supper, and the sacrament. You may recall her previous attempt in September. You can read about it here. It was an overwhelming experience for her, and spiritually powerful for me.
(Brent is totally responsible for buying them the bright red lip gloss.
He broke down in a moment of shopping exhaustion)

In the months following, we have had two positive experiences. She said her line for the primary program perfect, in front of the entire congregation, and then she gave a beautiful little prayer about a month ago. I felt she was ready for another try.

I firmly believe in little children's ability to memorize and learn and teach true, simple doctrine. So when we write talks we try to keep them clear and pure. By having my children help draw the pictures, I feel it reinforces what we are teaching and learning. Also they intuitively understand their own work. (This is in lieu of using printed pictures or art.

Second Half
I wish this video did her justice. But it doesn't. It is cute. But yesterday was different. Heartfelt. Courageous. Uplifting. Tender.

Her little spirit was so strong. She made it through the whole talk. About half way through, her sweet little voice started to break and she fought back tears. But she made it and bore beautiful testimony of the Last Supper, the first sacrament and its meaning to us. There was hardly a dry eye. Some comments were “That was the most memorable and tender talk I have ever heard. I will remember it my entire life.” “That was just amazing how she spoke with emotion and knew the entire talk.”

It was a mother's moment. I was fighting tears. I was so nervous for her. I didn’t know if she would make it through. But she did. The Lord loves his little ones and looks out for them. There is a special level of devotion and sensitivity to the Lord's Spirit that Callista has been gifted with. It will be priceless to see it develop as she matures.
She is so precious. Personality galore!


EmJay said...

Yay! I'm so proud of her.

Sarah said...

she did do a great job. and i love that you had her draw her own pictures.

Jo Lynn said...

She is so beautiful and I'm so excited for her! What a great idea to have them draw pictures and I would have LOVED to have been their first hand listening to her sweet talk and I guarantee I would have had many tears. :)