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Snowballs...A Family Tradition

I think one of my favorite family traditions are "Snowballs." This one stems from my mothers side of the family. In fact, she did it every Christmas with her family and cousins. Snowballs are serious business with serious rules. And there must be strict adherence by all parties! This year I happened to be in charge of making the snowballs so I did them the "Rebecca Way." Actually they were the most delicious we have ever had! Click for the recipe here.

Here is Brock explaining the rules....

In a nutshell...

1. The last person whose candle is lit, wins and gets their wish for the New Year.
2. You can't touch your candle with your fingers, only your spoon or fork.
3. You can't blow out anyone else's candle...but you can try to distract or get them to laugh hysterically thus putting out their own candle.
4. You have to keep eating your ice cream.
5. Keep a detailed historical record.

It takes a lot of concentration....
This year there was a showdown between Brent and my mother. I think the picture tells the story quite lucidly. Don't you?
Better luck next year Mom! Here is a picture of the winning candle. As you can see all that is left is a wick. I love this tradition.
Here are some excerpts from previous years notes...

"Bruce (7) blew out his candle for fear of spreading fire. This is too dangerous Grandma"

"Amy in a sudden fit of laughter exhaled a bit too strongly from her nose and out went her candle"


Jo Lynn said...

What a great post and what a beautiful thing to see this carried on with all of you! I've always loved this about Casey's family and truly enjoy the moments! As you'll see Savannah kept blowing ours out over and over and asking us to light it again...maybe next year she'll understand! Wow, what did you make your snowballs out of? That's one party I don't enjoy is mushing the ice cream with our bare hands until we get the perfect ball....brrrr!

Linda said...

Becca, I always love reading your posts, and read this one with a smile. It brought back some fun memories of New Year's snowballs with your family! (Not the Rebecca way, but yummy nonetheless!) And congratulations on your pregnancy! I didn't even know that at the reception, and was excited to hear about Char- but you probably wondered why I didn't comment on yours! So happy for you all- sure love your family! And thanks so much for coming....even though there was nothing but carrots and celery for you to eat! =)