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The Best Birthday Bash Ever

Turning another year older was quite all right this year. I knew it was going to good when on the eve my little girls began the traditional "birthday streamer extravaganza."
Who could ask for anything more than to have three fragments of crepe paper bound to gorilla glue strength by multiple pieces of scotch tape to the kitchen counter?
Or to hear your 6 year old start squealing in delight because she finally learned "To blow up my own balloons and even tie them Mom!!!" (Have you ever seen cuter balloons? There must have been 30 of them taped all over the walls and furniture.)
Possibly it was waking up at 5:30 am to a radiant bouquet of fresh flowers and gourmet granola (which I didn't have to make) from my precious husband...
Then having a morning run with an equally radiant and fresh (no sarcasm intended, you have to give us some slack it was early) group of 6 women who insisted I run adorned in a special birthday hat (think dunce cap) for several miles. Apparently this is new tradition...just wait until your birthdays' arrive ladies...
To top things off, my parents were ever so gracious, and selfless enough to watch the children for 3 days while I attended a business trip with Brent, which just happened to be at the 5 Star Broadmoor Hotel and Spa in Colorado Springs.
It was fabulous. I slept. Slept some more. Hung out with Brent at his tradeshow booth. Wondered how every employee seemed to know me by name. Basked in the Colorado sunshine and clean air!
Wished I could sneak a camera to take a picture of the luxurious spa but thought that would be: a) tacky
b) a sure give-away I have never frequented anywhere with 5 stars before and
c) creepy
The final highlight was a 3 hour long dinner with a childhood friend Jessica. I didn't have a camera so I thought I would include these priceless pictures!
We haven't seen each other in 14 years but we didn't skip a beat. In fact, since reconnecting 18 months ago or so on facebook we have found more in common than we were ever even close to in High School. Brent, Jess and I had an entertaining, thought provoking conversation for 3 hours. Politics, religion, family, history.
We were just so disappointed her husband got sick at the last minute. I just wish I got a picture of this fabulous outfit she showed up in to the Broadmoor. Off came her camelhair peacoat and there she stood, in a T-shirt bedecked with puffy paint and a physics story problem. Hand crafted by yours truly complete with my signature and "Rebecca and Jessica Friends Forever." So classic. It really brought to light the high school nerd in both of us!

I think Brent had a lot of difficulty understanding why we couldn't stop laughing. FYI, she did have appropriate attire under the t-shirt.
It was a fabulous birthday celebration. Thank you to my many friends who thought of me and wished me well with messages, presents and love. And thank you especially to my mom and dad for loving and entertaining my children. They didn't skip a beat. In fact, Ellery gushed in her journal today about all the fabulous things she ate and did with Grandma. And when I picked up Callista from preschool she wondered why we weren't headed up to Grandmas.

Thank you again for The Best Birthday Bash Ever!


Ashley said...

SO fun that you got to head back to CO!!! ANd to top it off see Jess! I can't wait to see her next time I'm there and catch up. Love those old pics... blast from the past!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday. I have an aerobics convention at the Broadmoor every year. It is truly a gorgeous hotel. The beds are the best. What a great trip.

Jessica said...

Oh goodness- had to laugh at this post (especially the old pictures)- where or where did you find those!

Jo Lynn said...

Wow, each time I visit my brother in the springs we always drive past the famous Broadmoor hotel and my mouth drops with the beauty of that place!! So jealous, what a wonderful vacation and get away from everything! That sounds so nice!!! Love the Birthday hat and how fun to reconnect with your childhood friend!

Glad it was a fabulous Birthday!