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The Junk Jar

This Weeks Junk Jar after only 3 Days!

Our home is a very controlled situation. "Junk" is not available. But my children are inundated with sugar, chemical laden food everywhere they turn. Church, school, piano, birthday parties, you name it. It is hard to keep up. Three weeks ago we came up with a little plan. We call it a "Junk Jar."
Week 1 Junk Jars: we started with 2 but Callista had so much less, we combine now.

The girls can collect any unhealthy food they are given and instead of eating it, bring it home for the Junk Jar. Then on Sunday night, we count and weigh up the food and the girls get paid. I admit we pay them well. So far the range has been $4 - $8. But it is extremely motivating for them. And they are amazingly generous with their money. We told Ellery we needed her help paying for our family vacation this Spring. She is more than willing. In fact she wants to help pay for everything now. So precious.
Week 2 Junk Jar, Brent and the girls actually cooked it all up in a brew on the stovetop before dumping it. They loved it.

It took Callista two weeks to get into it, but this week she is gung ho. She brought home 2 tootsie pops and a cupcake. Ellery brought home an entire goody bag from a birthday party. It has actually been horrifying to me see how much they actually get that I had no idea they were eating.

Ellery is so proud of herself. She tells me how much she really wanted to eat, but she knew it was junk and she should bring it home for her jar. Callista smells her for a few minutes before she is willing to drop it in. She also licked off quite a bit of frosting from her "beautiful pink cupcake with purple sprinkles." But the progress was huge. The first week she held on to her marshmallows and m&m's for dear life.

I'll let you know if it loses steam or stays strong.


Jo Lynn said...

Wow, that's awesome!!! Where's your vacation going to be?? Please keep me posted, it's really gross what kids get from all places!! Before I became the nursery leader they were given M&M's and gold fish...not they get fresh fruit which they all seem to love.

Sarah said...

okay, this is SUCH a good idea. i hope it keeps going well. love it.