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A New Year, A New Decade: Resolutions for 2010

Welcome to a new year. A new decade. We are so ponderous about what it holds.
I have begun printing my blog into books. The year 2008 was a single volume. But 2009 required two. I used sharedbook. It is a great site for me because it is extremely easy. All I had to do was type in my blog address, chose a cover and dedication and I was done. Perfect! It is such a wonderful thing to have a tangible historical record. It gives me new meaning and dedication for my blog. It may get more mushy this year. Be prepared.
What will life look like in 10 years? How will this book change?
Me...42 years old, wow I can hardly fathom, running marathons, doing tri's, still spending time doing school, sports and music with my children, cherishing the moments which will start to feel fleeting, still cooking, cleaning and doing lots of laundry, living who knows where, we will probably have itched for an adventure and something new by this point, hopefully I won't look like this...
Brent...44, business, I have no idea running your own business you just never know, still fit without straying a single pound from his ideal weight ever, squeezing out of our children every last oodle of information about their lives without them ever suspecting he is doing so, probably fluent in Hebrew or attained some sort of master scriptorian status (at least in my eyes), thoughtful and involved, presiding and providing...

...Ellery sixteen, driving, dating, dragging her feet to school extremely late everyday (my heavens, she is a slow mover, this drives me bananas, there is no such thing as "hurrying Ellery", so opposite of my personality!) reserved, able to discern truth and deception wherever she encounters them, a true beauty inside and out...

...Callista fourteen, involved in everything, spiritual beyond her years, lots of smiles, lots of crazy, full-spectrum, emotions, continual spokesperson for the children (currently Ellery hides behind the corner as Callista expresses the wishes of the offspring), able to discern truth and deception wherever she encounters them, darling, passionate and irresistible...

...Emmett twelve, old enough to hold the priesthood, tipping the scales at 70 lbs, a permanent smile with hardly ever a even a smidgen of gloom. Maybe he still won't even have learned to say or express the concepts of "no" and "mine" (a mother can dream right?). Riding 4 wheelers and motorcycles with his father, able to discern truth and deception wherever he encounters them, sweet and friendly beyond compare...it's possible Emmett could look something like this...(he laughed his head off for at least 20 minutes as we did this)
...New baby 9 years old. What an adventure and pleasure it will be to meet this knew little spirit sent to our family from Heavenly Father!

...More children? Yikes! A question not to be fathomed at the moment :)

Resolutions for 2010

Grow a garden, not to be devoured by my chickens. One that is fruitful. I may have to abandon my "heirloom" intentions of last year. If I thought I had time last year, this year would be a joke.

Play with each of my children everyday. Not just interact, read or teach, but play joyfully.

Use the moments I have away from my little family and duties to reach out to others, and not focus myself.

Use some of the 50 lbs of chia seeds filling my freezer.

Get down a method for consistently growing and harvesting wheatgrass. Preferably one that doesn't involve the water damage currently left over on my mantel from our first experiment.

Figure out how to get my family to eat more beans. It is the magical fruit, or so my dad always told me.

Finish my "Christmas Dresses" oops did I say Christmas they are Valentines dresses for certain.

Write my husband love letters.

Bear testimony of the truths I know more consistently to my family and friends.

Here we go. The day of public reckoning will surely come.


Brittney said...

I loved your look ahead 10 years from now... And those blog books are cute! I'm currently making one for the last year and a half, but I'm using blurb. It's taking me forever! I enjoy it, though, and it's been fun to remember things. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!! :)

Jo Lynn said...

Yeah, your book is wonderful!!!! I love it, I'm so glad you did it and I'm pumped about the more personal mushy posts..that's what blogging is all about! Love the resolutions and wow, to think of ten years from now...scary to think of our kids being that old and us being that old. I hate that I didn't blog like years ago so I could have our whole marriage in these amazing books to be read over and over again by our family! :) Thanks for sharing your story about getting locked out of your house, the costco thing was for sure the worst experience ever.