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Vitamin Cubes

This is a classic trick, but I thought I would post it anyways. Whenever I steam some spinach or asparagus or any vegetable, I save the water and turn them into ice cubes. Add the cubes to a morning smoothie for a little extra vitamin punch! Easy as can be, and you never have to pour those precious vitamins down the drain.


Erin said...

Hey, great tip. I can't believe I never thought of this.

So, I have been meaning to ask you, does it not make you nervous at all to eat raw dairy when you are pregnant. I'm certainly not all down with the FDA; I think they are crooked in many ways. But when they are so firm about avoiding something (especially when pregnant) I get nervous enough that I usually listen.

I was also wondering what you think about vaccines.

Thanks for your blog.

Jessica said...

Okay, so I always felt a slight bit guilty throwing that water away- perfect idea!