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Welcome our new Guest Blogger

Get ready for a dose of politics, economics, history, constitutional studies and religion. I have invited my lovely husband Brent to post on the blog. He has this great little email group he sends thoughts, research, and current event tid-bits. I thought many of these would make great additions to our family historical blog record.

We are one of those families who sit around at dinner and discuss politics, economics, history etc. (While we clean up spilled water, and threaten all sorts of punishments if the children's broccoli isn't finished in an hours time.) In fact, hit our house any night of the week after 8:30 pm, and most likely you will find Brent and I engrossed in some sort of wildly engaging discussion on one of the former mentioned topics.

We are passionate about the truth, thus always on the hunt. I hope you enjoy my husbands take on things as much as I do. Don't be alarmed. And try to keep and open mind. Considered yourself warned :)


Za said...

That's the funniest picture I've ever seen,nice!

Jo Lynn said...

Welcome Brent!!!! Cant' wait, we love all of those topics and being surrounded by all these liberals in Cali it's fun to get in conversations...he he!

Michele said...

That is exciting, I wish Alan would join me, but it won't happen. I am looking forward to learning more!