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Hunkering Down by the NQ

This just about sums up how I feel about Utah right now. We are stuck inside, hunkering down to keep out of the murky, soup which some call a "Utah Inversion." It hasn't been this bad for several years. In fact for almost a week straight we are #1 in the nation for harmful air quality.
All we see is a brown cloud. In fact at one point today I could hardly see Cascade Mountain just a mile and a half away.
Poor Emmett wanted so badly to chase the chickens in the backyard. Or he might have been crying for cheese at this point (I can't remember). Thankfully about 6 month ago we purchased an air purifier. We chose the NQ clarifier. It has a 4 stage filtration as well as UV filtration. The only drawback...it is loud and big. Apparently to have maximum effectiveness (unlike say one you buy at Costco) you sacrifice reduced decibel operation. But we've sealed up the house to keep that yucky air out.
Because it is known to cause damage to fetuses to exercise or be exposed to this air, I am extremely reticent to venture into the swamp. One day I tried to run with a surgical/particulate mask...that was horrible, I felt like I was sprinting I had to suck my lungs out to get air.

So this morning if you happened to peek into my basement windows at 6 am you might have seen myself plus 3 members of the running crew smashed into my playroom, moving on command to Tony Horton "superman...banana...superman...banana..."

If you've done P90x you will appreciate that.


EmJay said...

I am so sore!!! I'll take that as a good sign that I am acquiring new muscles. I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday.

Jo Lynn said...

I sure don't miss the Utah inversion, I've heard everyone complain about it on facebook. Good for you for staying inside! Love love p90x, that's what I do on days that I don't run and I feel a thousand times stronger by doing those video's! Casey even does the video's with me now. he he