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Eggs at Last!

My little, well not so little, hens decided to finally lay a few eggs. Much to the entire families delight, Brent went to the coop this morning and came back with 2 big, beautiful eggs.
Convenient enough, they were even in the nesting box. What good little girls they are! Since we hadn't been to the coop in several days, it wasn't clear how old they were. So we opted just to crack them open and check it out.
You will notice the dark orange yolks. This is sign of a nutrient dense egg. I don't know what they are eating now, but clearly there must be some errant bugs around to feast on. We will have to start watching closely to discover who and how many are laying. It wasn't Miriam, as her eggs should be a pastel shade.

I will admit, this little feat has tempered my feelings towards these chickens. They are safe for a while :)


EmJay said...

Yummy! When they start laying more eggs and you have extra I'd love to try one.

Jo Lynn said...

How exciting!!!! We are house hunting right now and I would LOVE to have our own chickens....not so exciting about them messing up the yard though. ;)