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I left this as a comment in the last post, but I thought I better post it to be sure I was clear, and if some readers don't read the comments (and I don't publish them in my books).

In no way am I saying that the Word of Wisdom is a vegetarian document! It is not. Scripturally we have many accounts of appropriate times and places for using animals as food. Most often these occasions are after sacrifice, so the animal was not wasted, and while people are traveling in the wilderness (think Nephi). Clearly, also, they are to be used sparingly in times of winter and famine. At these times our bodies need more protein. Some experience these times much more often. It is up to each of us to decide personally how much we actually experience "winter," famine, and other circumstances where it is appropriate to use animals in this way.

As far as D&C 49 verses 17-19, I think first it is important to understand the revelation was given specifically to the Shakers. The Shakers forbade the eating of meat. Clearly, eating meat has a place in our lives and should never be forbidden. However, the place of meat in our lives is different depending on the situation and times in which we live. There may be times when I and my family need to increase our meat consumption.

I found it very interesting in the question and answer period, Dr. Campbell mentioned if someone was undergoing chemotherapy that was one particular instance where the research shows their bodies actually NEED more protein. So it should be consumed. I have read the same thing when recovering from surgery, and in climates that are very cold. I thought this was further proof he didn't have an agenda, he was only driven by the truth of the data. I immediately shared this information with my father-in-law.

I understand the struggle with dairy. I read a book by John A. Widstoe "The Word of Wisdom A Modern Interpretation." I highly recommend it. He is actually quite a big proponent of dairy. But all dairy should be unpasteurized and unprocessed.

My opinion is that where there is no modern revelation given it is best to study it out for ourselves and pray for personal revelation. My conclusion for our family is to follow the data and my studies in this case.

Much of the problem with dairy is probably the massive quantities, which any animal humanely bred and kept cannot produce to feed the average American dairy consumption. All the pastuerization, additives, hormones, antibiotics and other processing the dairy undergoes could be a major source of the problems too. Our dairy isn't coming from the family cow anymore. In fact it bears very little resemblance.

So while agree it is not out of accordance with the word of wisdom to consume dairy, I find it is in accordance with the research I have done to drastically limit it.

The Lord has also told us not be commanded in all things. So in this, we have moved forward in a way appropriate for our family and our stewardship. I feel very comfortable in keeping our animal (fish/eggs from our chickens/raw dairy) at levels below 10%.

Hopefully this clarifies how I was finally able to come to a decision on our dietary practices and what I do and don't believe is addressed by the breadth and scope of the Word of Wisdom.

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