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Easter 2010

We had a quiet, wonderful Easter Holiday this year. We spent Saturday at Charlotte's. The children danced and played and just enjoyed one another's company.

We dyed Easter Eggs (courtesy of Anna, Miriam, and Naomi).

We chose this year to eliminate the Easter Bunny to keep our focus in the right place. It was interesting to see how Ellery and Callista responded to "the news." They were quite disappointed. They informed us it was much more fun to pretend there was a giant bunny that hopped around. I am glad we told them. It stopped feeling right to Brent and I to play the game. There are so many other ways to have fun and celebrate without making up pretend stories. It just felt right for our family.
We did still have a hunt. We made some homemade tootsie rolls for a special treat and Brent was extremely creative in hiding them throughout the yard. (You can see one poking out of the knothole in the fence.)
Emmett loved eating them. He didn't really want to collect.
It seemed like the coldest Easter in long while...
There was quite a bit of climbing involved...
Certainly the highlight was listening to the uplifting messages from the LDS General Conference. Overwhelming the talks spoke about families, rescuing our children, and motherhood. It was edifying. I feel challenged as a mother to do a better job with my children.
Happy Easter to all!

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