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Part One: The Gift of Homeschooling

A Gift and Treasure

For nearly 2 weeks, every spare minute I snatch I am planning for my children's education next year. There is no question in my mind I want to be intimately involved, as I was this year. Homeschooling is a way of life for us now. It fits so beautifully with the kind of mother I am trying so hard to become. It is a gift and treasure I will fight tooth and nail to keep. It won't be easier next year, welcoming a new baby in June, will only up the output required on my part as a mother, teacher, and nurturer.

It warms my heart just to look at this messy dry erase board, evidence of a typical day...

I know I haven't posted much about it. But have no doubt, I count my decision to homeschool my children this year as one of my most momentous and rewarding as a mother. My abilities to nurture and nourish their little minds and spirits has magnified beyond what I thought possible. It is akin, to the overwhelming growth which explodes my heart when I welcome a new child.

Watching our ever changing bulletin boards full of writing and pictures, their treasures...

I cherish our hours together each morning, undivided and directed. Our little secret as Mom and kids. In fact, I toyed tremendously with removing Ellery and Callista from the public school system entirely. All that time is precious to me... But as Brent and I counseled together we both agreed, the 9 1/2 hours a week spent at the school provides appropriate opportunities for independence. It is a time for our children to gain insight, perspective and appreciation for what we are cultivating in our home. It also acts as a chance for "recess" to interact with other children and adults. Living across the street from the elementary school, puts no burden on me or our time for transit. Ellery loves the carnivals, science fairs, and birthday parties.

However, I don't feel it necessary for my children's social development to have them spend time in a public school setting. I feel strongly I could homeschool my children completely and have them be socially mature, functional, and agreeable.

Worth Every Minute

I am so grateful I wasn't afraid to try this experiment this year. I learned so much. I learned any mother, who truly loves her children and has a desire to nurture them, can make it work. We don't need special credentials, to be teachers, or specialists. Our children want to be with us more! The power struggles decrease proportionally to the amount of time we spend together. I hope no mother is afraid to try, if she feels so guided. I understand it is different for everyone. However, knowing the overwhelming joy it has brought to me, I wish it on every mom I know. It isn't an easy way. Most days I rarely stop going until my children are tucked safely into their beds (theirs for a few hours anyways...). As long as I am physically able, I won't trade it for anything.

Still to come....

Part Two: What I Learned My First Year Homeschooling

Part Three: What I will Change Next Year in our Homeschooling

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wonderchris said...

Thank you for your posts. I truly appreciate you feeding your children inside and out. You nourish their bodies and their minds. It is truly inspiring. I don't have children yet, but I will someday and I sincerely hope I'm able to provide such a loving home as you do. Keep up the great love!!!