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Houdini Chickens and "Eggies"

Our chickens recently had an addition to their home. A back porch upgrade. Who said chickens can't take advantage of the Obama Home Renovation Incentive?

However, this expansion led to unforeseen escape tactics.

Repeated "fleeing of the coop" resulted in wing trimming, which was far less painless than I anticipated.

The chickens were quite oblivious to the snip of the flight feathers.

But somehow they kept escaping...They started using the ramp from the play fort, or squeezing through between fence and pen.

I think we have finally thwarted all escape measures. All those plumping, hatching insects are quite the draw. The warmer weather has also made these ladies ultra productive. We are averaging 15-16 eggs a week now.

I have to say one of my favorite parts about having these chickens is little Emmett saying "EGGIE!" and pumping is fingers for me to follow him out to the coop to check for eggs. Then he lovingly, insists upon cradling the egg or eggs between his chubby little fingers into the house. Usually this results in a crack. But by now we all should know this is not a mother who can resist the word "eggie" coming out of her 2 year olds mouth.

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