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Full Circle Ranch in the Spring

With Brent headed to CA for the Sea Otter Bike Races, the girls and I headed to Full Circle Ranch. They recently launched a new division of their company Demon Dirt. (You can check out their facebook page. This was their first event an introduction of the line.) It caters to the extreme bike industry. We have lovely, only barely noticeable, decked out van and trailer which will tour the country this Summer. I will have to get some pics so you can totally appreciate it. Thankfully, this wild touring business is left to the younger crew of 20 somethings. Their passion is admirable, but mine is certainly placed elsewhere. There are some great things about being 30 something!

It was so wonderful to spend the time with my mom and sister on their gorgeous pieces of property. The weather was gorgeous. I was so happy, because Logan has a tendency to be freezing! Emmett had the time of his life sitting on the 4 wheeler, begging anyone, and everyone for rides. Grandpa and myself were the biggest suckers.

Grandpa had 25 little chicks arrive for the Ranch. Of course they were irrisistable to the children. Especially because they were yellow. This made them far "cuter" than our brown ones!

These little chicks have only a few short months of life. After that they head to the chopping block. Meat. I have to say, that is a bit difficult for me, the extreme growth rate and lack of freedom to explore. I think my dad has decided to give them a little yard when they feather out. However, it is much more humane than factory conditions. Try watching Food INC, if you question this.

I mostly spectated as my parents tilled gardens, tended raspberries, planted in their orchard, and nursed seedlings. My sister spread manure, power washed decks, and graded new roads to their barns. There is certainly plenty to do when you live on property.

We had a wonderful 6 days with Grandma and Grandpa!

Callista giving Emmett an exuberant hug!


Brittney said...

Oh, so fun! I love it up there. I'm glad you had such a good time.

Jo Lynn said...

I love your parents house, it sure is a beautiful piece of property. Which sister is doing all this? Didn't Charlotte just have a baby and Monica is on her mission? Such cute pictures, love the baby chicks! Your Dad should keep them for eggs and let them roam their yard. :)

Miller time said...

Cute, cute. We miss roaming that property and the family that we have there. Daegen and Emmett will have more suckers to take them on 4 wheeler rides when were there. Can't wait to be out there in a couple weeks.

Rebecca said...

Jo Lynn, You are right this is Charlotte! I know amazing! The baby animal festival was up at the American Heritage farm in Wellsville. It was great.