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Penne al Fungi

This recipe is adapted from the Very Vegetarian cookbook. We have been using this recipe for at least 5 years. I made it with dairy for a long time. Mostly I make it vegan now, substituting cashew milk for the cream. It is delicious both ways. Quite a bit healthier however, minus the cream. I have also served this over white quinoa and it is good. We enjoy it more with pasta however.

Penne al Fungi

1 onion, chopped rough
4 garlic cloves, chopped rough
3 T olive oil, plus a little extra to finish
12 oz mixed mushrooms, cut into bite sized pieces
Salt and ground pepper to taste
1 lb fresh tomatoes, chopped fine, or 8 oz canned chopped tomatoes in their juice
1 ½ c heavy cream or 1/2 c soaked cashews blended with 3/4 c water
1-2 oz fresh sweet basil, torn or 1 ½ t dried basil
12-16 oz fresh whole wheat or multigrain penne or rotelli
1 bunch asparagus, tough ends broken off, cut into bite-sized lengths (can sub broccoli)
4-6 T shredded Parmesan cheese (opt)

Saute the onion and garlic in olive oil until softened. Add mushrooms and cook. Season with salt and pepper, then pour in the tomatoes. Boil and cook, stirring for a few minutes. Add cream and a third of fresh basil, or all of dried. Remove from heat.

Cook pasta in salted water with a few minutes remaining add asparagus and finish cooking. Drain well.

Toss the hot pasta and asparagus with the creamy tomato-mushroom sauce, then toss with the parmesan cheese (if using), remaining basil and a bit of olive oil.

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