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Happy Birthday Mom

Wedding Portrait 1973

The more I learn about myself, the easier it is for me to recognize the gifts and selfless acts of service I received to make me who I am today. Paramount among all the gifts I have been given are those bestowed by my mother. Most significant was her absolute devotion, devoid of distraction to her children. She allowed me to be who I wanted to become, even when it was different from her.

January 1978 My Birth: Why do none of my children have hair?

From fourth grade on, she catered to my animal justice and rigid dietary decisions. She learned about TVP and constantly was on the lookout for sources of protein for her vegetarian child. In fact every night, a dinner was on the table, which accommodated me. I had no idea of the depth of this commitment and support until I have become a mother cooking my own dinners each night for my family.

Me, Mom, and Charlotte

Love notes lurked on my pillows and slipped under my slammed door in my teenage years. My room somehow magically was cleaned when I begged her not to, assuring her it would get done after school. So many memories come flooding back of sitting on my floor crying during those difficult adolescent years of bickering friends and hurtful situations. I was never alone. She was always there next to me, with a pen and paper, making lists of my good qualities, and the good qualities of those who seemed to me my enemies by all exhibited behaviors.

Mom and Callista 2005, This one was irresistible with the trademark Red Lipstick!

Her pattern of total devotion, didn't end when I left the house. At a moments notice, after a single phone call, she has repeatedly dropped everything and come. In my moments of need. Multiple pregnancies in distress, when I was an overwhelmed, overtired mother of a baby who wouldn't sleep, caring for a sick infant in a hospital my other children are whisked away to Grandmas, even this week, with yet another pregnancy scare, she was ready to drop everything and come.

I love you mom. I don't think I have said thank you enough times. I don't think I could.
Happy Birthday one more year until the big one!

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