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Scripture Verses for 2009-2010

Scripture Verses for 2009-2010

Article of Faith 1
Article of Faith 2
Article of Faith 3
Article of Faith 4
Article of Faith 5
Article of Faith 6
Article of Faith 7
Article of Faith 8
Article of Faith 9
Article of Faith 10
Article of Faith 11
Article of Faith 12*
Article of Faith 13*

Matthew 16:19
Job 19:25
Joshua 24:15
John 3:16
Luke 1:70
Luke 18:22*
John 14:15*

D&C 1:38
D&C 76:22*

Moroni 10:5
2 Nephi 27:23*
Moroni 10:32*
Mosiah 2:17*

We also keep these in a plastic jar. Recipe for success: Choose a 2 a day, in addition to the verse we are currently learning, and recite. The most difficult part about the scripture verses are keeping the references all straight.
*Scheduled to be completed by August

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