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Back to School Shopping

I had my first back-to-school shopping adventure as a mom on Friday. I have so many great memories of shopping with my mom for school. I also will fess up to wearing thick wool sweaters and jeans to school when it was 90 degrees outside because I was so excited to wear my new clothes. Ellery and I headed to the mall. I tried to monitor and avoid the ultra sparkly, teeney bopper clothes that are the rage for the little elementary schoolers. I don't want her to look 14. My goodness she is only 5! I think we only ended up with a glittered hot pink belt, thankfully no Hannah Montana backpacks. I'm glad she is still drawn to Minnie Mouse.

The two of us then headed to Einsteins for some bagels. At one point I caught her gazing off into her own world. I asked her what she was thinking about. Her answer: her new minnie backpack. She is so precious. I hope kindergarten is everything she has built it up in their mind to be.

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