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Why Cap Trappers Beat out Retractables and Flip-tops

It has been fun to see the comments and massive website traffic and orders from the Deseret News article. I thought I would just talk up why Cap Trappers beat out the new Retractable and Flip Tip markers.

In fact, when I dreamed up the idea, it was solely to solve the lost cap problem, which retractables and flip tops do as well (for the record..these weren't on the market when I first had the idea...I thought of both of these but passed on them because I had no intentions of trying to compete with marker companies).

(photo courtesy of Daily Herald)

What I discovered after using Cap Trappers and talking to our customers is there are a few huge unforeseen benefits that users love almost more than not losing the caps..

  • Portable--Moving your writing instruments around without any thought, hassle or mess is priceless! This includes bags, purses, backpacks, drawers, pencil boxes...I could go on and on.
  • Organized--Cap Trappers keep your writing instruments (or anything with a lid for that matter, glue fits too) visible and together. They are neatly accessible sitting on a table, hanging from a hook or held in your hand.
  • Playful--The "squishiness of Cap Trappers is addictive...they are almost like a little stress ball, fun for adults and children to touch...and safe enough for little ones!
  • Universal--Cap Trappers will also fit all the existing markers you can scrape up around your house, so no reason to buy new ones.
I hope that helps clarify some of the confusion about why Cap Trappers are far superior to mega giant Crayolas flip-top and retractable pens and markers!

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